Geo by Date Report

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The Geo by Date Report provides a detailed performance report per date, country, and media source.

It is simply the Partners/Media-Source report with date and country breakdowns.

Column Name Description


Each date of the selected timeframe


Installation country by IP

Agency/PMD (af_prt)

Agency / Partner Name

Media Source (pid)

Media source which generate the install (pid=media source)

Campaign (c)

Campaign name (c= campaign name)


Number of clicks


Number of installs

Conversion Rate

installs / clicks


Number of app opens

Loyal Users

Default - User who open the app more than 3 times

Total revenue

Total revenue generated from the Media Source and Campaign


Average Revenue Per User

event:(Unique users)

Number of unique users who performed the event

event:{your event name} (Event counter)

Event counter

event:{your event name} (Sales in USD)

Event in USD

CSV report is available in the AppsFlyer dashboard.

You can also use our API for importing the data directly to your servers. Simply use the API below:



  • {api_token} is the user's external api authorization token: "153459-7017-4af5-931d-ae9ab34b4e96"
  • {from_date} is a the report's start date in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • {to_date} is the report's end date in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • All parameters are required
The Geo by Date Report is is a real-time report.

Geo by Date report example attached:

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