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AppsFlyer data can be transferred to back-office servers using APIs. Pull and Push APIs are the most commonly used data transfer APIs. To maintain ensure a high quality of service for AppsFlyer API users and prevent abuse of the service, AppsFlyer uses an API throttling policy.

This article details this policy for 3 groups of data:

  • Aggregated reports using pull API
  • Raw data reports using pull API
  • Push API (real-time raw data)

Aggregated reports via Pull API

AppsFlyer aggregated performance reports can be manually downloaded via the Export data page by all account tiers. Similarly, aggregated performance reports via pull API are also available to all account tiers.

Aggregated performance reports via pull API calls are throttled with the following rules:

  • API calls are limited to maximum one call every 1 minute
  • Every API call, that queries data for more than 2 days, is limited to 24 calls per day per application and to 120 calls per day per account
  • Aggregated data queries are unlimited in time, i.e. may span from the first SDK integration to the present moment

Raw data reports via Pull API

Raw data, either via the Export data page or via pull API is an AppsFlyer'sPremium feature, which may only be available for the higher package tiers.

Raw data reports include user-level data of non-organic installs, in-app events and uninstalls. The higher level tiers can also access organic raw data reports.


Before you implement raw data pulling verify it is available for your package tier:
1. Go to the Export data page and try to download the Installations or In-App Events raw data reports for the last 7 days.
2. If the download succeeds you should be able to pull raw data via pull API.
3. Otherwise, please contact AppsFlyer's support to upgrade your package to include raw data access.

Install & uninstall reports

  • Data can be queried for up to 60 days at a time out of the last 90 days
  • The quota limit is 120 calls per day per account

In-app events report

  • Data can be queried for up to 31 days at a time out of the last 90 days
  • The quota limit is 60 calls per day per account and 12 calls per app
  • More details here


Enterprise package accounts can query raw install and in-app events data out of the last 180 days.

Push API

Push API sends real-time install and in-app events raw data, both organic or non-organic information. Push API is an AppsFlyer's Premium feature, which is only available for the higher package tiers.

We recommend to whitelist AppsFlyer's IPs in your back office servers to successfully receive the Push API messages from AppsFlyer.
Visit the following link for the updated list of IPs.

Report size limit

All reports are limited to maximum 200K rows.
When attempting to download reports containing more than this amount of rows, an error message is displayed informing that Reports are limited to 200K rows.

If this occurs, you can perform any of the following:

  • Divide your date range to several narrower time periods, and query them separately.
  • Use an API call with the date parameters to retrieve rows in a specific time frame (day and hour). For more information, click here.
  • Contact support@appsFlyer.com if you have any queries.
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