Data rate/API limitations and use policy

At a glance: Data is transferred to your systems using APIs, Data Locker, and downloadable files. A data rate limiting policy is in place to maintain high-quality service for on-demand data and to prevent abuse. The policy applies to:

  • Pull API
  • Master API
  • Export data 

Agencies: In terms of rate limitation, it doesn't matter if it is an agency or an advertiser who pulls a report. In both cases, the pull event reduces the app/account quota. 

Performance reports

The access window for performance report queries is unlimited. 

Performance (aggregate) data rate limitation policy
Data delivery tool Rate limitation
Pull API
  • Maximum of 1 call per minute
  • Date range of 0 to 2 days, no limitations
  • Date range of 3+ days, calls are limited as follows: 
    • Up to 120 calls per day, per account
    • 24 calls per day, per app
Export data No limitation
Master API No limitation

Raw data reports

Access to raw data reports is limited to the previous 90 days; see the table below. 

Raw data rate limitation policy
Data delivery tool Report types Access window Rate limiation per day
Pull API
Export data
  • Install
  • Uninstall
Up to 60 days from the last 90 days
  • 120 calls per account
  • 24 calls per app
Pull API
Export data
In-app events

Up to 31 days from the last 90 days

  • 60 calls per account
  • 12 calls per app

Availability of raw data

Access to raw data is limited as follows:

  • Admin always has access.
  • Team member access is enabled by default. The Admin can disable raw data access

To verify if raw data is available, go to Reports > Export Data.

  • If raw data is available, the Raw Data reports section appears.
  • If unavailable, the Retargeting reports section appears. 

Raw data report-size limitations

  • Reports size is limited to 200K rows.
  • If a report has over 200K rows, then a notification message appears.
  • To overcome the limitation: 
    • Shorten the date range and query each range separately.
      Example: Jan 1, 2020 till Jan 15, 2020 then Jan 16, 2020 till Jan 31, 2020. 
    • Use Pull API, set a date-time range, thus limiting the number of records. 
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