Data delivery limitations and use policy

Data can be transferred to your systems using APIs, Data Locker and downloadable files. To maintain a high quality of service for on-demand data, and to prevent abuse a throttling policy is employed. This policy applies to:

  • Pull API
  • Master API
  • Export data 

Agencies: From a throttling perspective, it makes no difference who actually pulls the report - agency or advertiser. In both cases, the pull event reduces the app/account quota. 

Performance reports

Access window

Performance report queries access window is unlimited. This means you can query performance data from the first event received by AppsFlyer up to the current date.

Performance data throttling policy
Data delivery tool Throttling policy
Pull API
  • One call per minute
  • If the date range is for three or more days, then calls are limited as follows:
    • Installs:
    • In-app events: 
    • 24 calls per day per app
    • Up to 120 calls per day per account
    • There is no call limitation for queries of two or fewer days.
Export data No limitation
Master API No limitation

Raw data reports

Access window

Raw data reports access is limited to the last 90 days (see table below). We recommend that you periodically pull the data to store it in your databases.

Raw data throttling policy
Data delivery tool Report types Access window Throttling policy per day
Pull API
Export data
  • Install
  • Uninstall
Up to 60 days out of the previous 90 days
  • 24 calls per app
  • 120 calls per account
Pull API
Export data
In-app events

Up to 31 days out of the previous 90 days

  • 12 calls per app
  • 60 calls per account

When an agency pulls a report 

Availability of Raw Data in the account

Raw Data is an AppsFlyer premium feature. If you require raw data and it is not available in your account, please contact us at

Access to raw data is limited as follows:

To verify if Raw Data is available: 

  1. Go to Reports > Export Data.
    The Export Data window opens.


  2. If Raw Data is available, the Raw Data section displays as shown in the preceding figure. Where not available, the Retargeting Reports section shows. 

Report size limit

  • Reports are limited to a maximum of 200K rows.
  • If you request a report that exceeds this, a message displays informing you that Reports are limited to 200K rows. To overcome the limitation: 
    • Divide date range into several narrower date periods. Query each range separately. 
    • Use a Pull API call, using date parameters to retrieve rows with a specific time frame of both data and hour. For more information, click here.
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