Facebook Partners Report

Starting on March 4th the Facebook Partners Report will be updated to support the new AdSet level

The AppsFlyer Partners Report provides aggregated performance reports per source/campaign. 

Important: This lifetime value (LTV) report aggregates the overall (all time until present) performance of the installs/users generated during the reporting dates
( {from_date} to {to_date} ). 
This means that the report includes all in-app events that occurred after the selected date range. 

Report Time: GMT

 Column Name



 Agency / Facebook PMD Name

 Media Source

 Fixed - "Facebook Mobile App Install Ads"

 Campaign Name

 Facebook Campaign Name

 Campaign Id

 Facebook Campaign Id

 AdSet Name

 Facebook AdSet Name

 AdSet Id

 Facebook AdSet Id

 Ad Name

 Facebook Ad Name

 Ad Id

 Facebook Ad Id


 Number of clicks (NA for Facebook campaigns. Why?)


 Number of installs

 Conversion Rate

 Number of installs / number of clicks (NA for Facebook campaigns since clicks are not available)


 Number of app opens/sessions

 Loyal Users

 Default - User who opens the app more than 3 times

 Total revenue

 Total revenue generated from the Media Source and Campaign


 Average revenue per user

 event:(Unique users)

 Number of unique users who performed the event

 event:{your event name} (Event counter)

 Event counter

 event:{your event name} (Sales in USD)

 Event sales in USD

New or updated fields are in bold.

A CSV report is available in the AppsFlyer Dashboard. Just select Facebook Ads at the Media Source selector and generate the report.

The Facebook Partners Report is a real-time report.

A Facebook Partner Report example is attached:

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