Facebook Android In-App Events Report

Starting on March 4th the Facebook Android In-App events Report will be updated.

AppsFlyer's Facebook Android In-App Events Report provides raw data of in-app events from Facebook non-organic installations.

For each in-app event, the following data is available:

 Column Name


 Click Time

 Click time - Example 2014-01-01 21:42:01

 Install Time

 Install time - Example 2014-01-01 21:42:01

 Event Time

 In-App event time - Example 2014-01-01 21:42:01

 Event Name

 In-App event name

 Event Value

 Event numeric value


 Customer currency


 Agency / PMD Name

 Media Source

 Facebook Ads

 Campaign Name

 Facebook campaign name 

 Campaign ID

 Facebook Campaign ID

 AdSet Name

 Facebook AdSet Name

 AdSet Id

 Facebook AdSet ID

 Ad Name

 Facebook Ad Name

 Ad ID

 Facebook Ad ID

 Country Code

 Country Code by IP address


 City Name by IP address


 Device IP address


 WIFI connection - Yes / NO


 Device language 

 AppsFlyer Device ID

 Unique proprietary ID generated by AppsFlyer for every install

 Customer User ID

 Developer Customer User ID

 Android ID

 Device Android ID


 Device IMEI


 Device MAC address

 Advertising ID

 Android Advertising ID

 Device Type

 Device manufacturer and model

 OS Version

 Android OS version

 SDK Version

 AppsFlyer SDK version

 App Version

 App version





New or updated fields are in bold.

A CSV report is available on the AppsFlyer Dashboard.

You can also use our API for importing the data directly to your servers. Simply use the following API below:

https:// hq.appsflyer.com/export/com.company.app/in_app_events_report?api_token={api_token}&from={from_date}&to={to_date}


  • {api_token} is the user's external API authorization token: "e16bfc96-b54d-4a08-aa71-5ee91f11827e"
  • {from_date} is the report's start date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • {to_date} is the report's end date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01
  • All parameters are required.
  • This report is delayed by 5-10 minutes.
  • Generating this report can take up to 1 minute.
An Android Facebook in-App Events Report example is attached.
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