iOS Installation Report


AppsFlyer's Installation Report details all of your non-organic installs.

This is an AppsFlyer premium feature.

For details of the contents of the iOS Installation Report, see here

A CSV report is available on the AppsFlyer Dashboard.

You can also use our API for importing the data directly to your servers. Simply use the following API below: 



  • {api_token} is the user's external API authorization token: "9978v818-4f9d-4f93-9d6d-e5abb024caae" (Mandatory)
  • {from_date} is the report's start date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01 (Mandatory)
  • {to_date} is the report's end date in the format "yyyy-mm-dd". For example: 2010-01-01 (Mandatory)
  • {media_source} filters specific media source. If left empty or missing from the request, or if "category" is not set to "standard", the report will be generated with all the media sources in the time range (Optional)
  • {reattr} Used to retrieve Retargeting attribution reports. Use "reattr=true" to receive retargeting attribution reports (Optional)
  • This report is delayed by 5-10 minutes.
  • Generating this report can take up to 1 minute
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