AppsFlyer - Chartboost Discrepancies

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Sometimes there are discrepancies between the Chartboost dashboard and AppsFlyer dashboard.


Advertisers should be aware of the following reasons :

Cause Chartboost AppsFlyer

Attribution Window

Chartboost attribution window is 21 days

AppsFlyer lookback window is 7 days

** This is the main cause of discrepancies between AppsFlyer and Chartboost

Multi-Channel Source Attribution

Chartboost attribution works as specified above regardless of other sources.

AppsFlyer uses the last click attribution (For more information about AppsFlyer attribution, click here)



While Chartboost shows all installs of a retargeting campaign in the same place, on the AppsFlyer dashboard, installs are divided between the Overview page (new installs) and the Retargeting page (re-attribution and re-engagements).

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