AppsFlyer - Chartboost Discrepancies

Sometimes there are discrepancies between the Chartboost dashboard and AppsFlyer dashboard.

Advertisers should be aware of the following reasons :




Attribution Window

Chartboost attribution window is 21 days

AppsFlyer lookback window is 7 days

** This is the main cause of discrepancies between  AppsFlyer and Chartboost

Multi-Channel  Source Attribution

Chartboost attribution works as specified above  regardless of other sources. 

AppsFlyer uses the last click attribution (For more information  about AppsFlyer attribution, click here)


NOTE:  While Chartboost shows all installs of a re-targeting campaign in the same place, on the AppsFlyer dashboard, installs are divided between the Overview page (new installs) and the Re-Targeting page (re-attribution and re-engagements).

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