This article is intended for customers who would like to send attribution data to Convertro.

Follow the instructions below to set up the integration:

1. Go to Integrated Partners and search for Convertro

2. On the Convertro configuration page, enable the integration parameter

3. Insert the parameters you received from Convertro

4. Click Save & Close

Once this configuration is saved, AppsFlyer begins sending the following data to Convertro for every organic and non-organic install

  • Converto Parameters 
  • Device ID for Android and iOS
  • Media Source
  • Campaign name
  • Click Time
  • User IP
  • User Agent
  • Customer User ID (optional, if configured)

According to Facebook's T&C, we cannot share user level data with any 3rd party. As a result, all Facebook and Twitter installs will be sent to Convertro  as organic.

How to Get the "Client Name, Page URL & Site ID" From the Convertro Platform

You can find the Client Name, Page URL and Site ID by logging into the Convertro dashboard:

Client Name:

Page URL:

Site ID:

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