Cake integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Ad networks that use CAKE can receive attribution data from AppsFlyer about installs and in-app events.

Base attribution link

Below you can find the base attribution link with a detailed explanation per each parameter:{campaign}

AppsFlyer Base URL Description

AppsFlyer endpoint


Application unique ID - Dynamic value changed per app promoted


Media source name include _int to identify integrated network at AppsFlyer servers


Campaign name

Recommended attribution link parameters

AppsFlyer Parameter CAKE Macros Description



Request ID of each user session - Required



ID of the Affiliate promoting the offer - Optional

For a complete AppsFlyer parameter list, click here

For a complete CAKE macro list, click here.

Complete attribution link template

Install and in-app event postbacks

Global install postback


Global in-app event postback


{Company-Domain} the network ID (domain) name provided by CAKE.
e= Set as Event Tag in the AppsFlyer dashboard for each App by the advertiser - This is the actual in-app event name from the application.
For complete CAKE postback structure Click Here

AppsFlyer in-app events dashboard


Additional attribution information can be added to the postback by request such as Country Code, Advertising ID, IDFA, and so on.

Finalizing your registration

  • If you have an integration with AppsFlyer, contact us using the partner assistant widget.
  • If you don't have an integration with AppsFlyer, complete the ad Partners Registration application here.