Tracking Installs for Out-Of-Store and Amazon Application

AppsFlyer provides tracking solutions for out-of-store Android apps, in addition to its tracking for Google Play apps.

Below are the steps for configuring such apps on the AppsFlyer platform.

  • Click the Add App button on the My Apps tab:


  • Select Android out of store APK (Standalone, Amazon etc.)

  • Insert your Android Package Name and the Channel Name you are planning to promote your application on:
  • Add to the Android manifest.XML the line below using the exact channel name you just used for adding the app to the AppsFlyer platform 
<meta-data android:name="CHANNEL" android:value="channel" />


<meta-data android:name="CHANNEL" android:value="amazon" />
<meta-data android:name="CHANNEL" android:value="verizon" />

NOTE: The channel is case sensitive. Make sure the value in the manifest and the value entered in the dashboard are identical.

Setting the Link Redirection

  • Go to Integrated Partners Configuration and choose the network you want work with.

 Copy and paste the link to any notepad and add the following extension:

 &android_id={ANDROID_ID_GOES_HERE}&af_r={Appstore redirection goes here}

 - or -

 &advertising_id={GAID_GOES_HERE}&af_r={Out-of-store redirection goes here}

Example - Android ID:{ANDROIDID_GOES_HERE}&af_r=

Example - Google Advertising ID:


Non-Organic Install Test:

1. Use an Android device that does not have your app installed or that is whitelisted. For more information, refer to the document here.

2. Generate a test tracking link using Custom Media Source Configuration (instructions here).  Chose Test under Media Source.

Add the following extension at the end of the click URL:


The final link should look like this:{SET YOUR ANDROID ID HERE}


Send the tracking link to yourself via email and click on it. Once redirected, do not install from the store. Instead, install the updated beta version app with AppsFlyer's tracking SDK embedded and launch it. 

3. Check your app dashboard report. You should see one installation conversion under “Test” media-source. 

Configuring Campaigns for Amazon Apps on Facebook:

In order to drive users to the Amazon app store from Facebook, follow these instructions.

  1. Configure a URL link to the app in your Facebook App's Settings, under the Android section.
  • Login to Facebook as the app’s admin, go to and choose the app
  • Go to settings and find your Android settings, or if you have not already configured Android, add the platform.
  • Fill out the required details, including the amazon app store URL specific to your app.


  1. In the AppsFlyer dashboard, under Integrated Partners, select Facebook, and enter the same Facebook App ID you use when tracking Facebook In-Store Mobile App Install Ads with AppsFlyer.
  2. When setting up Advert Sets on Facebook, choose “Amazon Appstore”.

Please note that this screenshot is taken from the Facebook Power Editor, and may be presented differently in FMP platforms.

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