View-Through Attribution: How Impressions are Displayed


AppsFlyer supports view-through attribution for a number of different ad networks. View-through attribution refers to an ad impression that results in an app install, without the user clicking on it. This can be viewed directly from the AppsFlyer dashboard.

Impressions track how many times an ad is presented to the user and viewed. Each time an ad is presented to the user, an ad impression is counted.  The term "impressions" refers to ad impressions. 

Viewing the Data

The data is presented in the dashboard, as follows:

Main KPIs

The impressions displayed are the total occurring via all the selected media sources during the chosen time period.


Aggregated Performance Report

Here the impressions displayed are per media sources for the entire period selected.


For networks not supporting View-Through or do not send impressions N/A is displayed in this column.

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