What is the AF App Opened Event?

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The AppsFlyer’s af_app_opened event provides advertisers with the ability to track af_app_opened events and attribute them to a particular media source and campaign. The event is sent back as a postback to the ad network.

What is its Purpose?

The af_app_opened event requires no code implementation, since it is handled automatically by Appsflyer. It is available to any network supporting In-App Events. The event value is not relevant for af_app_opened.

Since af_app_opened is a frequently occurring event, it does not appear in any reports (either aggregated or raw).


  • The af_app_opened event is a frequent event and therefore may create a high volume of postbacks.
  • In-App Events Mapping >> Map all SDK events: mapping all events does not include the af_app_opened.
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