Testing AppsFlyer Android SDK Integration After Submitting to Google Play


Follow the instructions below to test the AppsFlyer Android SDK Integration after the app has been submitted to Google Play.

Non-Organic Install Test After Submitting to Google Play

  1. Use an Android device that does not have your app installed. If the app is already installed, uninstall the application first and clean the device ID from our system, whitelisting the device by following the steps here: Whitelist a Device
  2. Generate a test tracking link using a Custom Tracking Link Configuration, for instructions on how to set this up, click here
  3. Send the tracking link to your device via e-mail and open it using phone browser.
  4. Once redirected to Google Play, install your application from the store.
  5. Check your app dashboard. You can see one installation conversion under test media-source.

Post Download Event (In-App Event): 

1. Trigger in-app event(s) from the device used above.

2. Check your AppsFlyer dashboard. You can see the event name(s) in the Aggregated Performance Report.



If your app is in alpha testing, you must add the device ID to the tracking link so that you can retrieve the non-organic attribution.  This is because during alpha testing, the referrer is not passed to AppsFlyer.

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