Facebook Costs

To view Facebook Cost within the AppsFlyer dashboard, go to your Facebook configuration page.

NOTE:  AppsFlyer supports Facebook Cost for Multiple Facebook Logins and Multiple Facebook accounts.

From the Facebook configuration page, log into your Facebook account, by clicking the Facebook Log In button. When prompted, allow AppsFlyer to access your Facebook campaign data. Once you are logged in, AppsFlyer begins collecting cost, clicks, and impressions data from Facebook for all campaigns run by the user who logged in.

NOTE: You must use the same Facebook user that was used to run the campaign.

NOTE: If you notice the cost data stopped appearing on the dashboard please perform the above login steps again.

Calculation Details

  • Cost = the Facebook spend for the defined period.
  • eCPI = Facebook Spend divided by the number Facebook installs (tracked by AppsFlyer).


Mr A Flyer is an advertiser.

He is running two separate campaigns on Facebook Mobile App Installs during the period March 27 – April 3.

Campaign A: UK_Female_30:

Cost: $1000 (total Spend of the campaign, as provided by Facebook)

eCPI: $1,000 / 400 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $2.5

Campaign B: US_Male_30:

Cost: $500

eCPI: $500 / 100 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $5

In the table above, Mr Flyer’s Facebook campaign cost is calculated per campaign.

In the aggregated performance report (presented by default), you can see the information provided by AppsFlyer at a higher level (total of all Facebook campaigns):

According to the table above, Mr Flyer’s total Facebook campaign cost is calculated as follows:

All Facebook campaigns:

Total cost: $1,000 + $500 = $1,500 (total spend of the campaigns, as provided by Facebook)

Total installs: 400 + 100 = 500

eCPI: $1,500 / 500 = $3 (eCPI is calculated for each campaign / Adset / Ad at the end of each day)


  1. AppsFlyer receives Spend data 90 days retroactively from the first login.
  2. If a date prior to the start of the campaign is selected in the AppsFlyer Dashboard, the report does not show clicks, impressions or Facebook costs. The Facebook costs, clicks and impressions are only shown if the date selected is on or after the start date of the campaign.  There must be at least one installation of Facebook for the data to be displayed.
  3. Facebook’s dashboard may show a different amount spent, as the information is not presented by install.
  4. Cost data is not available if you filter by geo location on AppsFlyer's dashboard.
  5. Facebook reports on cross-device attribution. This could sometimes cause issues where a campaign for one platform (iOS/Android) would show an install for another platform.  For these cross-device campaigns, we do not show cost, clicks and impressions.
  6. Do not change the name of any running Facebook campaign, ad set or single ad as it may cause serious problems with the cost data.

**AppsFlyer applies the same logic to present cost per Campaign, Ad Set and Ad Levels**

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