Facebook Costs, Clicks and Impressions


Enabling the Facebook Cost feature not only gets you the cost data for your Facebook campaigns, adsets, ads and channel levels. It also gets you the full aggregated clicks and impressions data for them.

Combined with revenue data, which you can report via AppsFlyer's in-app events, this gives you full ROI (Return on Investment) data to optimize on Facebook's traffic!

Configuring Facebook Costs

  1. Within the AppsFlyer dashboard, go to your Facebook configuration page.
  2. On another browser tab log into your Facebook user account that is enabled to handle the account's campaigns on Facebook.
    The user signing-in must have permissions to run all the campaigns in Facebook Business Manager. 
    If you have several such users the best practice is to perform the following instructions for all of them, or you may get partial data. 
  3. From the Facebook configuration page on AppsFlyer's dashboard, log into your Facebook account, by clicking the Facebook Log In button. When prompted, allow AppsFlyer to access your Facebook campaign data. 

  4. Once you are logged in, AppsFlyer begins collecting cost, clicks, and impressions data from Facebook for all campaigns run by the user who logged in.


Once you set Facebook cost do not change the name of any running Facebook campaign, ad set or single ad as it may cause serious discrepancies or missing cost data.

Facebook Cost Example

Mr A Flyer is an advertiser.

He is running two separate campaigns on Facebook Mobile App Installs during the period March 27 – April 3.

Campaign A: UK_Female_30:

Cost: $1000 (total spend of the campaign, as provided by Facebook)

eCPI: $1,000 / 400 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $2.5

Campaign B: US_Male_30:

Cost: $500

eCPI: $500 / 100 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $5

In the table above, Mr Flyer’s Facebook campaign cost is calculated per campaign.

In the aggregated performance report (presented by default), you can see the information provided by AppsFlyer at a higher level (total of all Facebook campaigns):

According to the table above, Mr Flyer’s total Facebook campaign cost is calculated as follows:

All Facebook campaigns:

Total cost: $1,000 + $500 = $1,500 (total spend of the campaigns, as provided by Facebook)

Total installs: 400 + 100 = 500

eCPI: $1,500 / 500 = $3 (eCPI is calculated for each campaign / Adset / Ad at the end of each day). 


1) "I can't see old Facebook cost data on AppsFlyer's dashboard"

Upon performing the first Facebook admin login described above AppsFlyer receives Facebook's cost data up to 90 days retroactively for existing campaigns. Cost data from beforehand isn't available.

2) "Cost data was fine for a few months, but it stopped showing up

Facebook may reset this permission to get the cost data every few months. If you notice the cost data stopped appearing on the dashboard please repeat the Facebook admin login steps again. 

If the Facebook admin user changes their Facebook password the login steps must be repeated as well.

3) "I just clicked on my Facebook ad 5 minutes ago. Why don't I see the click on AppsFlyer's dashboard?

AppsFlyer gets aggregated clicks, impressions and cost data from Facebook periodically every few hours. Therefore, it may take a few hours before these actions are displayed on AppsFlyer's dashboard.

4) "Is there any raw clicks data from Facebook?"

As AppsFlyer gets only aggregated click and impression data from Facebook, the entire set of raw clicks and impressions are not available. The only raw clicks and impressions available in raw reports are those that resulted in installs.

5) "I selected a specific country and it doesn't have Facebook cost data"

If you filter by Geo location on AppsFlyer's dashboard the summary of the cost data is available, however the data is not available for any specific countries.

6) "The total cost doesn't match..."

There are several inherent differences in Facebook and AppsFlyer's attribution models, which may lead to discrepancies with Facebook cost data:

  • Facebook's cross-device attribution - this might sometimes cause issues where a campaign for one platform (iOS/Android) shows an install with its cost for another platform.
  • Facebook's non-mobile campaigns - on these campaigns, like Facebook's link click campaigns, desktop users may eventually install mobile apps. For these cross-device campaigns, AppsFlyer does not show cost. However, if the link click was performed by the same device that installed the app, cost data is received.
    For example, a Facebook user clicks on an ad leading to the advertiser's landing page on a desktop computer. A week later the same Facebook user installs the advertiser's iOS app on an iPhone device. While the install is attributed and displayed on AppsFlyer's dashboard, the cost of this cross-platform install is not.
  • Campaigns with 0 results in the last 7 days - AppsFlyer syncs the cost only for campaigns that had installs/conversions in the past 7 days. If Facebook cost was just set, campaigns which were inactive for more than 7 days beforehand will not show cost. 

7) "Although the total cost is identical, the eCPI AppsFlyer shows is different from Facebook's"

The Cost Per Install is calculated by dividing the total cost with the number of installs. Since AppsFlyer counts installs differently from Facebook the eCPI will usually differ between the two.

8) "Looking at data from one week before performing the login, why don't I get cost data?"

If a date prior to the Facebook admin login is selected in the AppsFlyer Dashboard, the report does not show Facebook costs. Select dates from after the login to get up to 90 days of retroactive data for all existing Facebook campaigns at the time. There must be at least one installation of Facebook for the data to be displayed.

9) "Why is there cost data only for some of the campaigns?"

Even if there are several Facebook users with permissions to run campaigns in the Facebook Business Manager, only one of them is required to perform the Facebook login described above.

However, if this user does not have access on Facebook to some of the running campaigns, the result is campaigns that are displayed on AppsFlyer's dashboard, but lack the cost, clicks and impression data.  



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