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Search Network

PLEASE: Read this guide first before starting implementation.

Be aware of the following requirement:




Tracking Template

(Final URL)

Conversion Postback


Not available



To set up search campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Create Your Campaign
  2. Create Ad Group
  3. Create Conversion Tracking

1.  Create your Campaign

Follow these steps to create your campaign.

1.1  Click on Search Network only

1.2  Select Mobile app installs and choose which Android mobile app you are promoting

1.3  Set any additional parameters, as required to run your campaign

1.4  It is not mandatory to add a Tracking Link to the Tracking Template, however, best practice is to set the tracking template with the custom AppsFlyer referrer.  

For example:

{lpurl}&referrer=c%3D{campaignid}..., at the campaign level. In this way it does not have to be repeated for each creative.

To implement the AppsFlyer referrer in the Tracking link:

1.4.1 To take the AppsFlyer custom referrer, go to AppsFlyer dashboard>> Integrated Partners >> Google Adwords

NOTE: Referrer should not be copied directly, always use the Copy Referrer button.


1.4.2 On Google's dashboard go to Advanced Settings >> Campaign URL options (advanced) and paste on the Tracking Template field.

Please note the tracking template MUST contain {lpurl} at its beginning. This tag returns the final URL, which should appear before the referrer part.

1.5  Click Save and continue

2.  Create an Ad Group - Set your Final URL

Ad groups inherit the tracking template from the parent campaign. Only if you have not already set the Tracking template on the campaign level, you will need to set the final URL for the ad group. 

Follow these steps to create an ad group.

2.1  Append any additional parameters to the final URL using the below extension "&referrer="


To obtain the referrer, follow steps 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 above. Add the Google AdWords macros or additional macros to the Referrer URL field.

All parameters added to the Referrer are encoded once you click on Copy Referrer other than Google AdWords macros which must remain in a regular format.

Example: &referrer=c%3D{campaignid}%26af_c_id%3D{campaignid}%26af_siteid%3D{placement}%26af_keywords%3D{keyword}%26af_adset_id%3D{adgroupid}%26af_ad_id%3D{creative}


2.2  Add the Referrer to the end of the Final URL in your Google AdWords account.

2.3  Click Save Ad Group.

3. Create Conversion Tracking

Follow these steps to create conversion tracking.

If you have an Android (First Open) conversion already set for other channels, click Finish.


If you need to create a conversion, click here.

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