Google AdWords - iOS Configuration - Display Network

Define what type of display campaign you are running and be aware of the following requirement:




Tracking Template

Conversion Postback

Display - mGDN


Not available

Display - Admob



The following are the main steps to configure the campaign.

  1. Create Your Campaign
  2. Create an Ad Group
  3. Create Your Ad
  4. Create Conversion
  5. Setting the postback URL (For display Admob only)

1. Create your Campaign

Follow these steps to create your campaign.

1.1  Click Display Network only

1.2  Select Install your mobile App

1.3  Select the mobile app you want people to download

1.4  Set any additional parameters, as required to run your campaign

1.5  Add the Tracking Link to the Tracking Template

1.5.1  Go to your AppsFlyer account and select Settings >> Integrated Partners >> AdWords

1.5.2  Copy the Tracking Link into the Tracking Template field under Campaign URL Options in your Google AdWords account.  

NOTE:  This is at campaign level and NOT ad level!

1.6  Click Save and continue to open the Create an Ad Group window

2. Create an Ad Group

Follow these steps to create an ad group.

2.1 We recommend selecting an Ad Group which helsp you to identify your campaign if you are looking at Google Adwords platform per ad group.

For example: Campaign Name – OS – XXX (Football – iOS – Green)

2.2  Complete the additional parameters, as required.

2.3  Click Save and continue.

3.  Create Your Ad

Follow these steps to create your ad.

If not automatically set, set your iTunes application link as your Final URL

NOTE:  As an option, you can add the Tracking Link to the Tracking Template field.  (This is at Ad Level). Remember that if you set-up the tracking link at campaign level, this one prevails over ad group and ads.

4.  Create Conversion

Follow these steps to create a conversion.

NOTE: If you have an iOS (First Open) conversion already set for other channels, you can skip this phase.

To create a new conversion, click here.

5.  Setting the Postback URL

Follow these steps to set the Postback URL.

5.1  From your AppsFlyer account go to Settings >> Configure Media Sources >> Google AdWords 

5.2  Copy the postback URL and paste it to your Google AdWords Account - Conversion - Postback URL field.

5.3  Click Done

5.4  Click Save and Continue

5.5  Take the Conversion ID and Label - In Set up your tracking method, select Set up a server-to-server conversion feed from an app analytics package to Adwords. You can see the conversion ID and Conversion label ID.

5.6  Copy and Paste Conversion ID and Label to your AppsFlyer account:

5.7  Click Save & Close

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