iOS SDK & Integration Guide (v3.3.x - New API)

This iOS SDK is out of date!  For the latest version, click here.

AppsFlyer iOS SDK v3.3.3 is available for download

Developers updating their apps to support iOS 9 are required to update AppsFlyer's iOS SDK to version v3.3.3. The SDK is fully compatible with iOS 9 including bitcode support.

It is not mandatory to release an update immediately, apps that are not being updated to support iOS 9 can continue using the existing AppsFlyer iOS SDK and are not required to upgrade to the latest one.

Important note: Please read the release notes below.


Download iOS SDK v3.3.3

Download iOS SDK as a Framework v3.3.3

Download our iOS sample app 


Upgrading from old API SDK (v2.5.1.x or older)? please follow this guide

For details of AppsFlyer's Rich In-App Events, click here.

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