iOS SDK & Integration Guide (v3.3.x - New API)

This iOS SDK is out of date!  For the latest version, click here.

AppsFlyer iOS SDK v3.3.3 is available for download

Developers updating their apps to support iOS 9 are required to update AppsFlyer's iOS SDK to version v3.3.3. The SDK is fully compatible with iOS 9 including bitcode support.

It is not mandatory to release an update immediately, apps that are not being updated to support iOS 9 can continue using the existing AppsFlyer iOS SDK and are not required to upgrade to the latest one.

Important note: Please read the release notes below.


Download iOS SDK v3.3.3

Download our iOS sample app 


Upgrading from old API SDK (v2.5.1.x or older)? please follow this guide

For details of AppsFlyer's Rich In-App Events, click here.

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