Google AdWords - Android Configuration - YouTube/TrueView


Google AdWords does not support tracking links for YouTube.  The destination URL is determined by simply choosing the application you would like to promote.

1. Set your YouTube campaign

  • On the Google AdWords dashboard click + Campaign and select Video


  • The video window opens
  • Select Mobile app installs and the app you want to promote

  • Complete the other parameters as required to run your campaign
  • Click Save and Continue

2. Create Conversion

NOTE: If you have an Android (First Open) conversion already set for other channels, you can skip this phase.

  • From the toolbar of your Google AdWords account go to Tools >> Conversion
  • Click + Conversion

  • Select App as the source of conversion you want to track


  • In the App conversions, select Android and then select App installs (first open)

  • Click Continue

Setting Postback URL

  • From your AppsFlyer account, go to Settings >> Integrated Partners >> Adwords


  • Copy the postback URL and paste it to your Google AdWords Account.

  • Click Done
  • Under Set up your tracking method select Set up a server-to-server conversion feed from an app analytics package to AdWords

  • Paste the conversion ID and label to the AppsFlyer dashboard

  •  Click Save and Close


NOTE:  Google will consider a user to be engaged (click) if he watches at least 10 seconds of a video. The default lookback window on Google's side is 2 days.

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