Google AdWords Re-Engagement - Android Search

Android Search:

NOTE:  For this to work, you must first follow the steps in the Reporting Deeplinks for Re-Targeting Attribution (Optional) section of the Android SDK Integration Guide.

  • Sign in to your AdWords account at
  • On the Campaigns tab, click + Campaign >> Search Network only.

  • Choose the campaign type Mobile app engagement — Ads that encourage actions within your mobile app.

  • Select the app you want to promote from the drop-down menu.
  • Add all other settings you want for your campaign.
  • Click Save and continue.

Create your Ad Group

  • On the Ad Group page, enter the name of the ad group and your default bid.
  • Create your ads. You must enter a text description for your ad.
  • Go to your AppsFlyer dashboard and click Integrated Partners and either scroll down and select Google AdWords (not Google AdWords Remarketing) or search for it in the text field. 

Select Re-Targeting Campaign. 

The window changes and appears as follows.  When you click on Save & Close this does NOT save the tracking link.

NOTE:  The re-targeting campaign opens the deeplink window.  Selecting this option imports the scheme defined in the OneLink.  In this example the scheme name is rovio.

If you are not using OneLink, you must define OneLink/Deeplink and set the scheme manually (if you have not configured OneLink).

For more information on Setting-up OneLink/Deeplink, click here.

  • Copy the Re-Targeting Tracking Link that appears at the bottom of the screen. (There is NO need to click Save & Close).
  • Paste the link into your campaign configuration (Scheme, Host and path fields) in Google AdWords.



  • Insert the Keywords you want to use for this campaign.
  • Click Save.
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