Events dashboard

The Events dashboard is LTV based and provides in-app event performance relating to users who installed the app during a defined period.

Information in the events dashboard is LTV based. This means that the display summarises all the events performed by users who installed the app during the specified period. 

To open the Events dashboard:

  • Go to Dashboard > Events.
  • Search filters, at the top of the page, can be used to to filter by:
    • Media source
    • Geo
    • LTV period

If you want to view event performance by calendar date, and not by LTV, go to the Activity dashboard.

Events Funnel

  • By default, the Events Funnel chart displays the in-app events with the most actions. You can select the in-app events that interest you. 

Events Drill Down table

  • The table can be grouped by campaign or event 
  • Information presented in the table relates to users acquired during the LTV period

  • Media Source: Attributed media source
  • In-App Events: Name of the in-app event as sent from the SDK
  • Unique Users: Number of unique users who performed the event
  • Number of Actions: Total number of actions means the number of times the in-app event was performed by users
  • Revenue:  Revenue generated from the in-app events
  • Average Actions Per User: he number of actions/unique users
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