Events page


The Events page displays a detailed view of app events. Use the search filters at the top of the page to select the Media Source, Geographical Region and the date selector.

The events page

The page is divided into two sections:

Events funnel

From the menu select the events you want to view:

Events drilldown

You can select to view data either By Media Source or By Event.

The columns of the Event Drill Down table show the following information:

Column Description
Media Source The media source running the ad
In-App Events The attributed In-App Events set in the SDK by the developer
Unique Users The number of users performing the in-app event in the chosen time frame
Number of Actions The total number of actions
Revenue Total amount of revenue received per in-app event
Average Actions Per User The number of actions / unique users to receive the average number of actions

By selecting the option you want and clicking on that row in the Events Drilldown table, the data is presented in the Events Funnel table.

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