Agency Permission


When an agency is a Listed Agency, meaning the agency is an integrated partner of AppsFlyer, it enables its advertiser clients to give it permissions to specific activities on AppsFlyer's dashboard.

These activities include configuration pages of other media sources, and also various data access pages.

Finding the Relevant Permissions Page

To start working with a listed agency the advertiser must grant the agency access:

  1. Click Integrated Partners on the left sidebar of the dashboard
  2. Enter the name or search for the listed agency that you want to grant access to.
  3. Click on the logo of the integrated partner that you have selected to open the configuration page.
  4. Click the Permissions Tab
  5. Some integrated partners may act as both ad networks and agencies. In case you're working with the partner as an agency only disregard the Integrated Partner Permissions section and go straight to the Agency Permissions section.

Configuring the Permissions Tab


  1. Grant Access - toggle this button to ON to permit the agency to become partner of your app. This also enables the agency access to configure basic integration parameters of media sources the agency uses to get traffic to your app. This also allows the agency to see Facebook and Twitter promoted data.
  2. Retention - toggle this button to enable the agency access to the retention page and using the retention data created by the users brought by the agency. For more information on Agency Retention, click here.
  3. Allow In-App Events Configuration - grant access to in-app events tab of media sources the agency uses. 
  4. Allow agency to share events with other media sources - select your preferred option out of 3 options here:

    a) Off - disable sending in-app event data by the agency
    b) Only agency's attributed installs - send only events from agency's own brought traffic to the app
    c) All in-app events - send events from all sources of your traffic, including other media sources, agencies and organic users. 
  5. Allow to send event values - when an in-app event is sent to a media source it can contain values such as revenue or other properties, which may help with traffic optimization.
  6. SDK Event - select the in-app event (may also be server to server event) you allow the agency to send to other media sources from the list of your app's performed events. Click on the trash bin icon to remove this entry.
  7. Add event - add a new in-app event to the permitted events list, if needed.
  8. Click Save & Close


There are still some limitations agencies face compared with advertiser accounts.

  1. In-App Events for Facebook and Twitter are not configurable from Agency accounts. 
  2. Agencies cannot map af_app_opened in-app events to be sent to other media sources. This event, as well as the Map all in-app events option, are not available to agencies in any media source's In-app events configuration tab.
  3. A small number of ad networks (e.g. Tapjoy,  IronSource) require advertisers to send all their users' (including from other sources) launch data. To ensure that advertisers retain control over sharing of their data, agencies that wish to start working with these networks require the advertisers enable this check box for them. 
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