Agency Permission

As an advertiser, you can chose to work with agencies based on your configurations. In addition, you can grant agencies permission to set a separate configuration. This separate configuration will be used for the Agency data.

Agency configurations do not override advertiser configurations. If an agency does not define its own configuration, the advertiser's configuration is used.

NOTE:  Facebook and Twitter In-App Events cannot be configured separately.

To grant access, follow these steps:

1.  Click Integrated Partners from the left sidebar

2.  Enter the name or search for the integrated partner that you want to grant access to.
3.  Click on the logo of the integrated partner that you have selected to open the configuration page.
4.  Click the Permissions Tab

 5.  Select which permissions you want to grant the agency:

  • Grant Access - assign app to agency and enable Integration Parameters configuration (also allowing the agency to see Facebook and Twitter promoted data).
  • Allow In-App Events Configuration - grant access to in-app events and allow to select specific events to configure. You must select which events the agency can configure.

6. Click Save & Close


  • Google Re-Marketing does not support agency configuration.
  • Send “All launches / Installs” networks (e.g. Tapjoy,  IronSource etc.): the Enable checkbox is disabled for agencies.
  • Agencies cannot receive details of af_app_open.

For more information on Agency Retention, click here.

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