Google AdWords Cost

To view AdWords Cost within the AppsFlyer dashboard, connect via your AdWords configuration page.  Once the connection is complete, AppsFlyer begins to query your AdWords cost amounts for all of your existing campaigns.

Required Customer Steps:

1.  Click Connect and grant access to AdWords cost data. This takes the user through a number of steps and notifies them when the connection is successful and the window can be closed. 

2.  Provide the AdWords Customer ID and click Save & Close
The AdWords Customer ID is a unique number that is assigned to each AdWords account, listed at the top of every page in your AdWords account.
Data should come through within a few hours.
  1. Users can confirm they are logged in with the correct AdWords account by checking the email address which appears on the upper left-hand side in the top right corner of the page. If it is not the correct account, sign out of the account and sign in again using the email address for a different Google account.
  2. MCC Account is also supported.  

Calculation Details:

NOTE: For Google cost we apply the same logic as for Facebook cost.

  • Cost = the AdWords spend for the defined period.
  • eCPI = AdWords Spend divided by the number AdWords installs (tracked by AppsFlyer).

NOTE: Currently, Appsflyer does not present AdWords costs for agencies.


Mr A Flyer is an advertiser.

He is running two separate campaigns on AdWords during the period April 25 – May 2.

Campaign A: UK_Female_30:

Cost: $1000 (total Spend of the campaign, as provided by AdWords)

eCPI: $1,000 / 400 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $2.5

Campaign B: US_Male_30:

Cost: $500

eCPI: $500 / 100 (total number of installs generated by the campaign) = $5

In the table above, Mr Flyer’s AdWords campaign cost is calculated per campaign.

In the aggregated performance report (presented by default), you can see the information provided by AppsFlyer at a higher level (total of all AdWords campaigns):

According to the table above, Mr Flyer’s total AdWords campaign cost is calculated as follows:

All AdWords campaigns:

Total cost: $1,000 + $500 = $1,500 (total spend of the campaigns, as provided by AdWords)

Total installs: 400 + 100 = 500

eCPI: $1,500 / 500 = $3


  1. eCPI is calculated for each campaign / Adset at the end of each day and may change on a daily basis.
  2. AppsFlyer receives spend data 30 days retroactively from the first login.
  3. AdWords’s dashboard may show a different amount spent, as the information is not presented by install.
  4. Multiple accounts are not supported 

**AppsFlyer applies the same logic to present cost per Campaign and Ad Set levels**


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