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To view Google Ads Cost within the AppsFlyer dashboard, connect via your Google Ads configuration page.  Once the connection is complete, AppsFlyer begins to query your Google Ads cost amounts for all of your existing campaigns.


  1. Enabling cost also collects clicks and impressions
  2. MCC Account is also supported
  3. AppsFlyer only shows data up to Campaign level
  4. AppsFlyer receives spend data seven days retroactively from the first login

Required Customer Steps

1.  Click Google Ads cost and grant access to Google Ads cost data.



The above only appears if there is more than one Google account connected.  If no account is connected, you must first provide your Google credentials.

2.  Click Allow.


Data should come through within a few hours. AppsFlyer receives spend data seven days retroactively from the first login.


Users can confirm they are logged in with the correct Google Ads account by checking the email address which appears on the upper left-hand side in the top right corner of the page. If it is not the correct account, sign out of the account and sign in again using the email address for a different Google account.

Cost by Geo

Cost by Geo is supported for campaigns with installs beginning 27 August, 2018.

To view Cost by Geo, select Group by Geo in the filters.


  1. Cost, clicks and impressions by Geo are collected according to the campaigns' targeting. Campaigns with worldwide or proximity targeting show their cost, clicks, and impressions grouped under Geo "N/A".
  2. A campaign with specific targeting, e.g. US, can still drive installs from other countries, e.g. Canada. All cost clicks and impressions are tied to the campaign's targeting. Installs coming from GEOs other than the campaign's targeting show cost, clicks and impressions as N/A, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Reasons for Missing or Cost Discrepancy

1.  Client logged-in with the wrong account email

When logging in, it is important to verify the right Google account is used.

If the wrong Google account was used to login, no cost is pulled or displayed.  In such a situation, you must remove the app from Google apps permissions and login with the correct account.  To do so, follow these steps:

a.  Click on the following URL:
b.  Remove AppsFlyer Cost on Google and login again.

2.  Spaces and Special Characters

Using spaces or special characters in iOS Search or Android Landing Page campaigns can cause issues regarding matching cost data to click data and may result in missing cost reporting.

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