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The Retargeting page of AppsFlyer's new dashboard allows you to view all of the data for your total conversions, re-engagement vs. re-attribution and the Aggregated Retargeting Report.

Retargeting Display

Firstly, using the filters at the top of the page, configure how you want to refine your search based on Media Source, Geographic Region and date range.  The results are displayed in the graphs.  

Stand on a particular point on the graph to view the date and exact amount of clicks.

The graph displays the contrast between the re-engagement and the re-attribution. Re-Engagement represents the number of users with the app installed who engaged with the retargeting campaign. Re-attribution represents the number of users who re-installed the app following a retargeting campaign. 

The Aggregated Retargeting Report allows you to view aggregated retargeting performance data per media source.

Click on each media source to drill-down to display the campaign-level data.  


For Facebook, you can drill-down further still, to the Adset level.

The corresponding information is displayed for that media source in the graphs.

For details of how to activate Measurement of Retargeting Campaigns, see App Settings, here

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