View-Through Attribution


View-through attribution is supported by AppsFlyer and allows you to measure installs coming from ad impressions, where the user has not clicked on the ad. If there is no click to be attributed for a new install, AppsFlyer looks at impressions to see if any can be used as a view-through attribution. This means, where a click is followed by an impression and these two touches occur within the attribution window (the view-through lookback window is shorter), the click prevails.

View-Through attribution supports ID Matching only (no fingerprinting or referrer matching).

View-Through Attribution Lookback Window

The recommended and the default view-through attribution lookback window is 24 hours. The acceptable time values available are 1h – 48h or 1d – 7d.

For Ad Networks using impression tracking link:

  • A specific parameter appears on the tracking link – af_viewthrough_lookback
  • If the af_viewthrough_lookback parameter does not appear in the tracking link, the lookback window is 24h.

For self-reporting networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc..):

  • The view-through lookback window configuration is found in the media source configuration.

Enabling View-Through Attribution

View-through attribution is enabled by default. If AppsFlyer receives a valid impression tracking link (with IDFA/GAID), this impression participates in the attribution flow unless the view-through attribution is disabled in the media source configuration. 

Example of valid impression tracking link:{app-id}?c={campaign name}&pid={media source}
&af_prt={partner /agency name}&af_siteid={site id value}&af_sub1={free value}
&idfa={idfa value}&af_viewthrough_lookback=1d


HTTPS is also supported.

There is an option to disable view-through attribution per media source. If impressions are received and the view-through attribution is disabled, the user can still see the impressions in the dashboard but the attribution process ignores these impressions.

To disable view-through attribution:

1)    Open the relevant media source configuration
2)    Deselect the view-through attribution check-box
3)    Click Save & Close  


Since attribution is enabled by default, it is important that advertisers agree with the network (in the contract) whether or not they want view-through attribution. If the advertiser wants to make sure that view-through attribution is disabled, this is done in the media source configuration before work commences with the network.

Media Sources Supporting View-Through Attribution

Please refer to the following link here.

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