Uninstall measurement

At a glance: Setup and test uninstall measurement.

AppsFlyer uses silent push notifications once a day to verify apps are still installed on user devices, and counts uninstall events that occur for a specific app, attributing them to a specific media source. AppsFlyer supplies the raw uninstall data via a downloadable report, Pull API, and Data Locker. 

AppsFlyer uninstall measurement is free of charge to all account plans.

Benefits of Uninstall measurement

Compare media sources quality
The rate of uninstalls is a metric, which can help compare the quality of the users you acquire from different media sources, campaigns, single ads, or countries.

Protect users privacy
Many advertisers run re-engagement campaigns to retain their users. However, doing so may contradict the app store's terms of use. If this is the case use the uninstall data to remove uninstallers from retargeted audiences.

Operating systems

Supporting the Uninstall Measurement feature requires some development in your apps.
Here are the developer instructions for: 


How many users uninstall apps and when?
Get the full category/country breakdown here.

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