How to configure with TV Squared


As of late May 2018 AppsFlyer's integrated partners user interface and accompanying documentation are being gradually updated. For details about the new user interface please visit the Integrated Partners Setup guide.

This article is intended for customers who would like to use the TV Squared analytics platform together with AppsFlyer.

On TV Squared:

1. Go to Data >> TVS Tracker Instructions within the TV Squared portal

2. Click Desktop & Mobile website link

3. Copy the Collector ID and the Site ID from the tracking tag

On the AppsFlyer side:

1. Set Up Campaign

Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you must set-up a campaign in the dashboard.

To do this, click Dashboard for the app you want to advertise.


2. Configure Integrated Partner

Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the screen


3.  Select TV Squared

In the Integrated Partners page, select TV Squared as the media source.

You can do this by either scrolling down the page to TVSquared or entering TVSquared in the search box. 

4.  Enter the integration parameters from the TV Squared platform.

Click the TV Squared logo to open the TV Squared Configuration window.


5. Enter the COLLECTORID and the SITEID that you have retrieved from TV Squared. 

6. Check the Enable box as AppsFlyer's integration with TV Squared requires us to send them a notification for every app install.

Configure In-App Events 

1. Choose sending only TV Squared attributed installs’ in-app events or All in-app events.

2. Enter the COLLECTORID and the SITEID that you have retrieved from TV Squared. 

3. Click +Click to add in app event mapping and map the events you want to send TV Squared.
Name or rename the events so that they are named appropriately for the TV Squared portal.

4.  Click Save & Close.

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