Why is my iOS App Still Pending in the Dashboard?


When you add your new app to the AppsFlyer dashboard, you first select whether the app is pending or already in the market.

AppsFlyer pending apps look the same as live apps. They have accessible dashboards and all tracking works for them. The only difference is the logo of the app which appears as the AppsFlyer's logo on the top left corner of the dashboard.

When an app is finally submitted to iTunes or to Google Play it automatically updates to 'active' mode and the app logo changes to the app's original logo.

What happens when an iOS app is submitted and approved and the logo doesn't change?

AppsFlyer tracks new iOS apps on the US app store, by default. If an app is not defined on the real US App Store but was defined as a US app in AppsFlyer, it does not update correctly.

The solution is to change the country of the app's market via the AppsFlyer platform.

Changing the App Store Country

1.  From the app list of the account, click the relevant app's settings

2.  Click Change App Store Country 


3.  Select the required country

4.  Click Update 

Allow a few hours for the app to automatically change the display and display as active.  


The above issue does not pose any problem whatsoever for tracking of the app.

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