Testing tvOS Integration before publishing

At a glance: Simulate a non-organic install from your AppleTV device using the tvOS Test App. 

AppleTV does not contain a browser. Therefore, you cannot test clicks/installs on the device for an unpublished app. (For published apps, you can test using attribution links).

To resolve this issue, for attribution testing, you can use the tvOS Test App.

This app allows you to simulate an attribution Link click from within your AppleTV device, so you can then install it and receive a non-organic attribution.

To use the tvOS Test App, perform these steps:

1. Download the Project.


2. From XCode, build the project to your AppleTV testing device.

The following window opens:

3. Register your AppleTV device as a test device using the IDFA marked at the bottom of the app screen.

4. In the Test App, enter your AppID as appears on your app’s dashboard.

5. Ensure the app you are testing is not installed on the device (in order to get a non-organic attribution, you must simulate a real scenario where the attribution link is clicked before the app is opened on first launch).

6. Click the Click Simulation button and wait for a response.

7. If everything is valid, the following message is displayed:

8. Install your integrated app on your device.

9. If your integration is correct, a non-organic attribution is shown on your dashboard under the AppsFlyer_Test media source.


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