How to Configure a Campaign with Yahoo! Japan Sponsored Search


As of late May 2018 AppsFlyer's integrated partners user interface and accompanying documentation are being gradually updated. For details about the new user interface please visit the Integrated Partners Setup guide.


Follow the instructions below to configure a campaign with Yahoo! Japan Sponsored Search.


This integrated partner only supports Android.

Ad Creation

1.  Click on Sponsored Search >> Campaigns

2.  Click Create Campaign

3.  Complete the Basic Information

4.  Complete Budget and Targeting details

5.  Complete the relevant information on Other

6.  Complete the relevant fields in Basic Information

7.  Add Keywords

8.  Insert the following details:

  • Ad Name
  • Ad Title
  • Ad Description
  • The referrer

9.  Click Save Ad

Conversion Settings

1.  In Sponsored Search go to Tools >> Conversion Analytics

2.  Click Create New Conversion Trackings


3.  Add a Conversion Name

4.  Choose App in conversion type

5.  In Action you'd like to track choose App First Open

6.  Add a package name

7.  Add the following postback URL:{adid}&lat={lat}&click_timestamp={click_ts}&click_url={click_url}

8.  Click Save Settings


Conversion ID and Conversion Label are generated automatically if you choose App First Open as a Conversion Timing.

AppsFlyer-Side Integration

1.  On AppsFlyer's dashboard, go to Integrated Partners


2.  Search for Yahoo! Japan

3.  Insert the Conversion ID and Label from Yahoo! Japan

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