[Legacy] Yahoo! Search Ads campaign configuration

At a glance: Yahoo! Search Ads (formerly, Yahoo! JAPAN Sponsored Search), an AppsFlyer ad network integrated partner, delivers ads based on Yahoo proprietary ad distribution technology. Its portal is the most visited website in Japan.


On December 15, 2021, this integration was sunset and no longer operates. To integrate with Yahoo! Japan Search Ads, see the new integration instructions.

App platform support 

  • Android campaign attribution: Yahoo! Search Ads integrates with AppsFlyer for Android apps.
  • iOS campaign attribution: Use custom attribution URLs and manually insert them in the Campaign manager. No postbacks are sent to Yahoo! Search Ads for iOS campaign attributions.

Yahoo! Search Ads conversion analytics configuration

To attribute your Yahoo! Search Ads campaigns, configure conversions in the Yahoo! Search Ads dashboard.

  1. Log in to the Yahoo! Search Ads dashboard.
  2. Click Search Ads >Tools >Conversion Analytics.


  3. Click Create New Conversion Trackings.


  4. Create a new conversion:
    1. In the Conversion Tracking Overview section:
      • Enter a Conversion Name.
      • In the Conversion Type drop-down list, choose App.
    2. In the Conversion Tracking Settings section:
      • Under Action you'd like to track, select App First Open.
      • Under Package Name, select Enter as New and enter your app package name.
        Example: com.appsflyer.adNetworkTest
      • Under Post back URL, enter the following:
      • Under for Auto Bidding, per your requirements, select either Include or Exclude:


    3. Click Save Settings.
  5. Go to the Conversion Analytics tab, and click your newly-created conversion.


  6. Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion label values; they will be used in the AppsFlyer dashboard to configure your campaign.



    To automatically generate the Conversion ID and Conversion label, choose App First Open as a Conversion Timing.

Campaign configuration in AppsFlyer

To configure the partner integration:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. In the list of Integrated partners, search for Yahoo! Search Ads.
  3. Click Yahoo! Search Ads to open the configuration page.
  4. Set tabs as needed:
    • [Mandatory] Integration: Configure the integration (connection) between Yahoo! Search Ads and AppsFlyer.
    • Attribution link, Cost, Ad revenue, and Permissions tabs are not active for this partner.

To connect to Yahoo! Search Ads, 
set and activate parameters in the Integration tab.

  1. Enable Activate partner.
  2. Copy (see Step 6, above) the Conversion ID and Conversion label into the relevant fields.
  3. Click Save integration.

Yahoo! Search Ads campaign settings

To set up a new campaign on Yahoo! Search Ads:

  1. Click on Search AdsCampaigns.


  2. Click +Create Campaign.


  3. Complete the campaign Basic Information section:

    • For campaign types, choose Mobile app download.

    • Enter the Campaign Name.

    • Select the operating system (OS).

    • Enter the App ID/Package name


  4. Complete the Budget and Ad Conditions and Targeting sections.


  5. Complete the Other section as required, then click the Save and Create Ad Group button.


  6. Complete the ad-group Basic Information section as required, then click the Save and Create Keywords button.


  7. Go to the Yahoo! Search Ads main dashboard.

    • Click the +Create Keywords button.


    • Add Keywords.


  8. Return to the Yahoo! Search Ads main dashboard. 

    • Click Create New > Create Ads.


    • Enter the following details, then click Save Ad.

      • Ad Name
      • Ad Title
      • Ad Description
      • Landing Page URL: Step 9, below, explains how to copy a landing page URL from the AppsFlyer dashboard.


  9. Go to the AppsFlyer dashboard.

    • Copy the highlighted Landing Page URL Referrer parameter found at Integrated Partners > Integrations > Campaign Settings.

    • Paste the URL into the Landing Page URL field.


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