Scheduled Raw Data Reports

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You can now schedule Raw Data Reports to be sent daily to your email.

Supported reports that can be scheduled are:

  • Installations
  • In-App Events

Scheduling a Report

To schedule your report to yourself or others who have access to the account:

1. Go to Export Data page

2. Click Schedule for any of the raw data reports that support scheduling.

3. Set the subscribers of the report.

4. Set a name for the report. This is optional.

5. Click Save to add the report to the Scheduled Reports.

Reports are sent daily to the subscribers. Each report is sent on the following day and includes data for the previous day.


  • The report URL links, included in scheduled emails, require login in order to be downloaded.
  • The links to the files are available for 30 days.
  • Agencies and partners are not supported.
  • Some email providers may have mailbox limits (e.g. Tencent/QQ)

Scheduled Reports Management

The Scheduled Reports page is the place to review, edit or delete reports. For example, if you want to update subscribers, the Scheduled Reports page is the place to manage reports.

When Do Reports Run?

Reports begin running at 5:00am UTC+3.

For more details on reports click here.

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