How to Configure a Campaign with TVSquared (Formerly Wywy)

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TVSquared (formerly WyWy), one of AppsFlyer's integrated partners, enables the entire digital organization - Marketers, Product Managers and Data Scientists - to run their business based on data. It creates an integrated view of consumers across devices, providing tools to optimize the user experience in real-time.

Setting Up TVSquared

Go to the dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar.


Enter "TVSquared" in the search field and click on its logo to open TVSquared's Analytics configuration window.


The TVSquared configuration window only makes use of the Integration tab.

For a detailed description of the Partner Configuration Window Header, click here.

Integration Tab

The Integration Tab is divided into different sections as described below.

General Settings

TVSquared connects with AppsFlyer via a unique WyWy customer ID. If you don't already have it, you must obtain it from TVSquared to continue with the integration.


Enter the Window Size, the number of attribution minutes to use for TV ad campaigns recognised by TVSquared.

Click Save


According to both Facebook and Twitter Terms and Conditions, we cannot share user level data with any 3rd party. Therefore, all Facebook and Twitter installs are sent to TVSquared as organic.

For details on sharing data with 3rd parties, click here.

Tracking Link Tab

Tracking Links are not available for TVSquared.

Cost Tab

Cost data is not supported in the integration with this partner.

Ad Revenue Tab

Ad Revenue is not supported in the integration with this partner.

Permissions Tab

Permissions are not available for TVSquared.

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