Providing Permissions to Ad Networks

AppsFlyer provides you with the ability to grant permissions to specific ad networks to perform a number of tasks including accessing reports and configuring tracking links.  These are found in the Permissions tab.

Use the Permissions tab of the Integrated Partners configuration window for granting the different permissions to the ad networks.

You can grant permission for the ad network to view the following:

  • Integration Parameter Configurations
  • In-App Event Configuration
  • Retention Reports

Configuring Integrated Partner Permissions

You can grant permission for the ad network to configure the tracking link for you and map your in-app events so that they can receive the data. 

To allow the ad network configuration and tracking link extraction, activate the Allow Integration Parameter Configuration toggle.

To allow the ad network to map in-app events to their servers, activate the Allow In-App Events Configuration toggle.


  • The In-App Event Configuration toggle can only be activated if the Allow Integration Parameter Configurations toggle has been activated.
  • Any changes made to the configuration overwrite the current configuration irrespective of whether it is set by the advertiser or the ad network.
  • By activating the In-App Event Configuration toggle you are allowing the ad network to map ALL events to them.

Access to Retention Report

You can grant permission for the ad network to view retention data.  By doing so, the network has access only to their data.

To allow this, activate the toggle in the Integrated Partners Configuration window.

For details of Agency Permissions, see here.

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