Testing Deferred Deep Linking


Deferred Deep Linking allows you to navigate your users to the required app page, even when the app is not yet installed on their device.

By clicking on your Tracking Link - the user is directed to the store, installs the app, and is then redirected according to the logic you added in our callback.

This is an example of a Tracking Link:


While normal Deep Linking triggers onAppOpenAttribution, deferred Deep Linking triggers onInstallConversionDataLoaded callback with the link parameters.


You must generate a non-organic install to retrieve the link parameters. For details of how to Whitelist a device, click here.

Add your logic inside onInstallConversionDataLoaded (example) -

AppsFlyerLib.getInstance().registerConversionListener(this, new AppsFlyerConversionListener() {
   public void onInstallConversionDataLoaded(Map<String, String> conversionData) {
       String path = conversionData.get("af_dp");
if(path != null && !path.isEmpty()) {
           final Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), Deeplink.class);

How to Test Deferred Deep Linking

Follow these steps to test your deferred Deep link.

Using Google Play

  1. Create a Beta page for your app
  2. Generate a tracking link with af_dp value
  3. Click and download the app from Google play
  4. Check if the callback is triggered

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