React Native plugin overview

At a glance: Integrate AppsFlyer SDK into iOS/Android apps developed with React Native to measure installs, in-app events, media sources, and more.

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React Native V6 plugin

A React Native V6 plugin is available, helping app owners and developers prepare for iOS 14, and providing app attribution and event reporting functionality to Android and iOS mobile apps. The plugin is functionally equivalent to the AppsFlyer iOS and Android SDKs.

The plugin is open-source and available on GitHub.

To update your plugin from an earlier version: 

  1. Remove the earlier plugin and replace it following the instruction in our GitHub guide
  2. Change the integration code by renaming and deleting the necessary APIs.

Deprecated versions

To learn about which plugin versions are deprecated, how it affects you, and how to update to the latest SDK version, click here.


AppsFlyer's React Native plugin adds SDK functionality when you build your app. Record installs, updates, and sessions as well as in-app events (such as in-app purchases, game levels, etc.) and use them to evaluate ROI and user-engagement levels.

To learn more, visit the node package manager (npm) page for the AppsFlyer React Native plugin.

Tab Purpose Result

Plugin integration

How to add and configure the SDK.

App dashboard shows:

  • New organic install
  • New non-organic install

[Recommended] Core APIs

How to use plugin core APIs.

  • Measure in-app events
  • Measure revenue
  • Perform deep linking
  • Gather conversion data

App dashboard shows:

  • In-app events
  • Revenue

Ready to:

  • Perform deep linking

Additional APIs

How to implement and use optional APIs for:

  • Uninstall measurements
  • Referrals (user invite attribution)
  • Push notifications

Ready to:

  • Measure uninstalls
  • Referrals
  • User engagements with push notifications
  • Handle user privacy scenarios and more

API reference

Quick plugin API reference for developers

Plugin compatibility

The latest version of the React Native plugin is built with:

  • iOS: AppsFlyer SDK V6.2.3
  • Android: AppsFlyer SDK V6.2.0