Tracking Facebook Installs for Out of Store Apps


If the objective of your Facebook ads campaign is to boost a mobile website, and on the same mobile landing page visitors can download a designated APK package, AppsFlyer supports attributing installs to the right Facebook ads campaign via the Tracking Facebook Installs for Out of Store Apps setting.

Configuration Steps

Follow the steps below to configure this setting:

  1. Follow this guide to make sure out of store tracking is set up correctly at SDK level.
  2. Login to the AppsFlyer dashboard for the designated out of store app.
  3. Save the right Facebook App ID within the Facebook Configuration by following this guide.
  4. When setting up tracking for a specific ad group on Facebook, link the website to the corresponding app at each ad level (see the following example).

Viewing the Data

On AppsFlyer's dashboard, data of attributed installs is automatically populated under Facebook Ads as in the example below.

On the Facebook side, when configuring a report, simply make sure to include the Mobile App Installs column, as illustrated below.


  • By default, Facebook only allows aggregated reports (not user level). Use AppsFlyer reports to analyze Facebook campaigns.
  • If you would like to receive user level data for Facebook campaigns click here.
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