Blocked Fraud Raw Data Reports

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This feature is part of the AppsFlyer Protect360 premium package.

The Fraud Blocked Raw Data Report provides details of all events that were blocked by AppsFlyer's Protect360.

The reports shown below are available in the "Blocked Fraud Reports" section in the Export Data page:

Blocked installs (organic and non-organic) based on all of our Protect360's capabilities with the reason for the specific install.
In-App Events
Blocked in-app events (organic and non-organic) based on all of our Protect360's capabilities.
Blocked clicks based on all of Protect360’s capabilities.
Installation Postbacks
Provides raw data of blocked installation postbacks sent to the attributed media source.

Go to Export Data and then scroll down to Fraud Blocked Reports.

Click Download for the report that you want to view.

The following article explains about the various columns data available in the reports.

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