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A new and improved version of Data Locker is available. To learn more, see our guide on AppsFlyer Data Locker 2.0.


AppsFlyer offers a new solution for exporting entire raw data on a daily basis. This data can be processed by customer scripts and imported into their BI systems or be available for pulling when required.


This is a premium feature which is an add-on on top of packages. For specific pricing please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Click here for information about selecting the best data APIs for you

For customers with large amounts of data, Data Locker serves as an alternative to exporting data via Push API. Once the Data Locker is configured, AppsFlyer automatically creates a repository for the data and makes it available for the customer’s convenience.

Benefits of Using Data Locker

  • Coverage - the reports can contain data about more than one application
  • Simplicity - we manage data storage requirements through AWS
  • Reliability - data is stored in AWS which ensures data persistence
  • Flexibility - choose what data you want to include in the reports
  • More data - get much more data such as Organic Installs and In-App Events, Sessions, Clicks and Impressions
  • Accessibility - pull data when required
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