Active Fraud Insights Overview


Mobile fraud is considered by many to be the most alarming problem within the industry. Fraud drains marketing budgets, pollutes marketing performance data and turns successful campaigns into losing ones.

To combat mobile fraud, AppsFlyer has developed the industry’s most comprehensive, real-time fraud protection and detection solution - the Active Fraud Insights platform.

The first layer of anti fraud protection is a set of tools used to automatically block devices suspected of fraudulent activity and sources in real-time. This layer of protection is given to all of AppsFlyer's client apps.

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Unfortunately, not all fraud can be automatically blocked by today’s real-time, anti fraud technologies. Fraudsters have developed methods to disguise their installs within legitimate mobile traffic, which makes advanced fraud detection techniques a must for large advertisers suffering from fraud.

The second layer of the active Fraud insights platform, offered by AppsFlyer as a premium feature, is a dedicated anti-fraud dashboard described in the following article:

The following article describes how to get the best results when detecting mobile fraud incidents in your account:

The active Fraud insights platform also contains dedicated raw data reports.





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