Data Clean Room—Integration with Salesforce Data Cloud (CDP)


At a glance: The Salesforce Data Cloud integration allows you to bring your first-party data to the AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform with a click of a button.

 Before you begin

Before integrating Salesforce Data Cloud, you must install the AppsFlyer app extension from the Salesforce AppExchange. This must be performed by a Salesforce admin user with permission to download AppExchange packages.

  1. Go to the AppsFlyer listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Click Get It Now.
  3. Follow the steps described in the Application Installation Guide.

Upon successful installation, the process is complete and there's no need for any additional package configuration.

Set up the integration

The integration involves creating a Salesforce Data Cloud connection and then creating sources. You only need one connection to authenticate your Salesforce account. Using this connection, you can create multiple sources based on Salesforce tables.


If you've already set up a connection with Salesforce Data Cloud, you won't be able to create another one.

Create a Salesforce Data Cloud connection

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaborate > Data Clean Room.
  2. From the top-right of the page, click Manage connections > + New connection.
  3. In the New connection dialog, select Data providers > Salesforce Data Cloud.


  4. Click Log in to Salesforce.
  5. Proceed with the authentication process and allow Salesforce access to AppsFlyer. 
    Note: If the authentication is unsuccessful, you're returned to the New connection dialog to try again.
  6. After successful authentication, you're returned to the New connection dialog with an indication that you have an active connection with Salesforce. You can now proceed and create a source.
  7. Click Create source and follow the instructions below to create a Salesforce Data Cloud source.

Create a Salesforce Data Cloud source

After authenticating your Salesforce account and setting up the connection with Salesforce Data Cloud, the next step is to create sources. These sources provide AppsFlyer with the necessary data each time you perform updates.

Access the Sources tab using the following methods:

  • After completing the previous step, click Create source.
  • Navigate from the AppsFlyer side menu to Collaborate > Data Clean Room > + New Source showing at the top-right corner of the page.


When creating your source, make sure restricted data isn't sent to AppsFlyer.

To create a source:

  1. Set source name: Enter a name for the source, and click Next.
  2. Set source location:
    • Select connection: Salesforce Data Cloud is auto-populated after adding the connection. If not, choose it from the connection list.
    • Table or View: After the Salesforce Data Cloud connection is selected, table names and views from your Salesforce account are auto-populated. Select the table or view, and click Next.


  3.  Configure source schema: After a table or view is selected, the field names and types are auto-populated. You can edit the field types or remove unwanted fields by selecting the bin icon at the end of the field row.
    Note: Make sure at least one field type serves as an identifier. For example, CUID, Platform ID, AppsFlyer ID, and SHA256 hashed ID.
  4. Click Save. The new source is displayed in the list of all existing sources.