Configuring a Campaign with Tencent Social Ads


As of late May 2018 AppsFlyer's integrated partners user interface and accompanying documentation are being gradually updated. For details about the new user interface please visit the Integrated Partners Setup guide.


To configure a campaign with Tencent, follow the steps below:

Activating the Tracking for New User Acquisition Campaigns

The steps below detail the actions to be taken to activate tracking for new user acquisition campaigns.

Setting Up a Campaign

Once you have registered your app with AppsFlyer, you must set up up a campaign in the dashboard.

To do this, click the app that you want to advertise or select Overview from the drop-down menu:

Configuring the Integrated Partner

Click Integrated Partners on the left side of the screen:


Selecting Tencent

1.  In the Integrated Partners page, select Tencent as the media source.

You can do this by either scrolling down the page to Tencent or entering Tencent in the search box.

2.  Click the logo of the partner or click Edit to open the Tencent Configuration window.

Enabling Attribution

In the Tencent Configuration window, do the following:

  1. Select Enable Attribution.
  2. Enter your Tencent Account ID. Your Tencent Account ID can be found in the top bar inside the Tencent platform.  Make sure to only take the numeric digits from your ID.

  3. Enter the Tencent App ID for the App you are promoting. 

    For iOS, this is the same App ID listed in iTunes. 


    Tencent App ID of this iOS App is id554782625.

    For Android, the Tencent App ID can be found by following the steps outlined below:

    Login to the Tencent Apps Management platform using this link:
    The default view is that of the Android applications.  Select the app you want to promote from the list:

4.  Copy the Tencent App ID, as in the screenshot below.

5.  Click Connect for API Authentication. The Authorization screen opens, click to authorize AppsFlyer for attribution.

 6.  Click Save & Close.


The tracking service for your User Acquisition campaigns on Tencent Social Ads has now been activated. You can begin promoting your Apps on Tencent Social Ads. To pause the tracking, uncheck the Enable Attribution option in the configuration window.

Configuring In-App Events

To send in-app events data to Tencent Social Ads, follow the steps below:

1.  Select sending only Tencent attributed installs’ in-app events or All in app events.

2.  Enter the Tencent Account ID and Tencent APP ID.

3.  Click +Click to add in app event mapping and map the events you want to send Tencent.

4.  Click Save & Close.


  • To enable tracking with Tencent Social Ads, you must acquire IDFA (iOS) or IMEI (Android) in the AppsFlyer SDK. For more details, refer to our SDK Integration Guides for Android and iOS.
  • If you are using Tencent Social Ads for the first time, to promote your Android App, you must add your Android App to
  • To learn more how to create campaigns on Tencent Social Ads, click here.

Tencent Social Ads Platform

Tencent operates the leading social, media and mobile utilities properties in China.

Tencent Social Ads enables marketers to run app install campaigns on Weixin / WeChat, the company’s mobile communication platform with over 800 million combined monthly active users; QQ, its instant messaging service with nearly 900 million monthly active users; and other Tencent properties including QQ Music, QQ Browser, Myapp and others.

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