X marketing partners (formerly Twitter Official Ads) configuration

At a glance: Optimize campaigns on X Ads by using X marketing partners. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the partners.

Configuring X marketing partners

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Collaboration > Active Integrations.
  2. Enter the name of the X marketing partners you would like to work within the search box


    Enter "X marketing partners" integrated partners type to receive the full list of integrated X marketing partners, including Nanigans, Adparlor, Comprendi, Ampush and more.

  3. Click the logo of the X marketing partners to open their unique configuration window.
  4. On the first visit, you will need to toggle ON the Activate Partner button to enable the setup of the Integration tab parameters. For more details about partner activation please click here
  5. Enter the relevant integration parameters, if needed. This may vary according to the X marketing partners selected.
  6. Click Save Integration.

In-app events

  1. Scroll down to the In-App Events Postback section to configure the in-app for sending postbacks.
  2. Enter the partner ID (e.g. Nanigans_app_id) again here, if required.
  3. Toggle In-App Event Postbacks to ON.
  4. X marketing partners may only receive event postbacks of users attributed to them, that is only events attributed to this partner.
  5. Click Add Event to add an SDK Event to the list.
  6. Fill in the following IAE related parameters:
    Parameter Name Description
    SDK Event Name The name of the event, as received by AppsFlyer either from the SDK integrated in your app, or from server to server events.
    Tip - don't see the event you want in the list? Make sure to activate the event on a device with a non-organic installation and recheck.
    Partner Event Identifier The unique name or ID of each event as defined on the partner's side.
    Text field - get the corresponding event ID from the partner.
    Send Revenue When unchecked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters of the rich in-app event to the partner, except for the revenue parameter, which is contained in the af_revenue parameter.
    When checked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters including the revenue value (if exists in the event).
  7. Click Save


Disabling attribution for X Ads prevents sending postbacks to X marketing partners.