Setting up PBA brand bundles

At a glance: Brand bundles consolidate the attribution, activity, and revenue of brand-related apps and web sites.


If you are just getting started with PBA use this checklist. 

Brand Bundles

  • Brands often operate in an ecosystem encompassing both web and mobile apps. As an advertiser,  a full picture of the brand's performance across web and mobile platforms is needed.
  • There is no need to gather and analyze the brand's performance data separately for web and mobile apps - PBA using Brand Bundles does it. 


Your company provides a service that allows people to book flights and accommodation. The service runs under a brand having both a website and mobile apps.

By using Brand Bundles, eliminate the data fragmentation that is the result of having multiple platforms. This enables to:

  • See if the website performs better than the mobile apps or the other way around
  • Highlight user journeys and funnel to see if the website leads to app installs
  • Compare app performance to see how app marketing efforts can be optimized.

Creating a bundle

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.png To create a Brand Bundle:

  1. Go to ConfigurationBrand Bundles.
  2. Click Add a new brand bundle.
    The Create Bundle window opens.
  3. Complete the fields as follows:
    • Brand Bundle Name: Provide a unique name for the bundle.
    • Enter your primary domain: The website domain where the web SDK is implemented. The domain is used to prevent self-attribution, meaning events can't be attributed to it. 
    • Select iOS app.
    • Select Android app.
  4. Click Create.
    A confirmation message displays, containing the web dev key associated with the bundle.
    The key is required to implement the web SDK.
    Each bundle has its own unique Brand Bundle key, the key displays in the browser address bar.  

Action options

To access the action options, listed, click Actions.

Web event type settings—conversion or standard

Web event types are either standard or conversion. By setting some events as conversion events you can focus and prioritize your optimization efforts.

  • PBA attributes standard and conversion events in the same way.
  • Raw-data reports include both standard and conversion events.
  • The event type can be changed at any time. This does not change the designation retroactively. 
  • PBA dashboards include conversion events only.
  • Event type settings are available to the admin only. 

To set conversion events:

  1. Go to ConfigurationBrand Bundles.
  2. In the right-hand side of the bundle, click on the Actions menu icon.
  3. Choose PBA Settings.
    The Update Brand Bundle window opens.
    Events that took place up to yesterday are displayed.
    If no events display, wait 24 hours or check that the events are sent. Troubleshoot the Web SDK.
  4. For each event that to be marked as a conversion, enable Mark as conversion event.
  5. Click Update Bundle.


How many apps can I include in a bundle?

  • One iOS app and one Android app.
  • There is no limitation on web apps since the web SDK can be implemented in as many web apps as needed. 

Can I include the same app in more than one bundle?

No. Once an app is added to a bundle, it's not possible to add it in a different bundle.

Can I change apps after creating a bundle?

  • No. Once a bundle is created, the apps associated with it cannot change. This is because each app has its own data and we use this data to analyze the user journey across platforms (web and app). If an app is changed, a different set of data is introduced into the process and this data is not compatible with previous data.
  • To change apps, create a different bundle that contains the desired apps.

Can team members access the brand bundles page?

No. Only the account admin can. 

What happens if I delete a bundle?

  • If a bundle is deleted, AppsFlyer stops attributing the bundle.
  • The data is retained but the bundle cannot be restored to view the data.
  • Creating another bundle with the same apps is not the same as restoring the bundle as a new web dev key is created.
  • Data associated with the deleted bundle is not available in the newly created bundle.

I'm trying to create a bundle but I cannot add certain apps

  • The ability to add apps to bundles depends on team member permissions as set by the admin when they add team members.
  • If the admin cannot select the apps when creating bundles, add the app to the account.

Some bundles are missing

This can happen if a team member does not have permission to access the app.

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