PBA Website Attribution dashboard

At a glance: Measure the impact of marketing efforts to drive effective website traffic. Which media sources, types, and channels are responsible for visits, conversion events and ad-level metrics are available. 


PBA Website Attribution 

Using the Website Attribution dashboard advertisers gain an insight as to the media sources driving visitors and conversions.

  • Use the trend chart to view the overall trend and contribution breakdown by media source and media channel.
  • Get granular details down to the ad/adset level, and view performance metrics for every conversion event.

Marketers use the dashboard to answer questions like:



What media sources and campaigns drive the most visits, conversions, and value on my website?



Which acquisition channels deliver the best performance KPIs—such as conversion rate or ARPU?


Comparative analysis

How do my paid campaigns compare to my owned channels and earned traffic? On which device types and platforms do my web users convert?

Dashboard reference

To go to PBA dashboards do one of the following:

  • In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, Analyze > People-Based Attribution.
  • In AppsFlyer, from the top menu, select My Apps View brand bundles. Click PBA dashboards. Go to Website Attribution tab. 
Component Description
Date picker and filters


  • Select the attribution date range, filter, and grouping options.
  • Filter by: Media source, media type, media channel, geo, conversion event
  • Group by: Media source/campaign, media type, media channel, device type, platform.

Website activity over time


  • Display the sources of visits and conversions for a given period.
  • View by options: Media channel, media source

Attribution table


  • Metrics are available for the website as a whole with a breakdown per conversion event.
  • Drill down from the media source to the ad level to uncover specific media sources and ads driving traffic to the website. 
  • Compare ad performance in driving traffic and generating conversions.
Total metrics Description
Visits Sessions of users visiting the website
Unique visitors Unique visitors to the site. Unique users are determined by PBA by using the PBA private-user graph. To maintain graph integrity you must implement CUID. The same user arriving at the site using different browsers is counted once.
Conversions Number of conversion events performed
Conversion rate Formula: Conversions / Visits * 100
ACPU The average number of Conversions per Unique visitor. Formula: Conversions / Unique visitors
Revenue Revenue from all events combined
ARPU Average Revenue per User. Formula: Revenue / Unique users
Conversion event metrics Description
Event count Number of times the event was performed
Unique users Unique users performing the conversion event
Revenue Revenue associated with this conversion event

Average Revenue per Conversion Event. Formula: Revenue / Event count

Export CSV

Click Export CSV, to export the table.