Changing the account admin

At a glance: Understand the role of the account admin and how to change it to someone else, if required.


This article is applicable if you are using our existing team member management system. If you are participating in the user management beta, see [Beta] User management - changing the account owner. If you are interested in joining the beta, contact your CSM or (participation is limited).


What is an account admin?

Every AppsFlyer account has only one account admin (admin) who is also known as an account owner. Account admins can be changed. 

Learn more about team members and admins.

Replacing an admin

It is important to find a replacement admin before the current one leaves. Due to the wide-ranging access permissions held by an admin, AppsFlyer must confirm your new admin.


Admin privilege Description Changing admin consideration

Access can change settings for all apps registered in the account.

Team members
  • Add new team members.
  • Set their permissions and app access.
  • Assign admin capabilities.
  • Access Tokens (keys)
    • Cohort API
    • Pull API
    • Master API
    • GDPR API
See and access the token page.  Needs to reset tokens.

Registered test devices 

  • Register test devices using your app (only admins can do so using the AppsFlyer device ID).
  • Delete registered test devices.
Push API Make changes to API settings.  
Data Locker Set up Data Locker. Access Data Locker credentials.   
Admin privileges and considerations


  • When a new admin is created, this resets the V1 reporting token (Pull, Master, and GDPR). Data Locker and V2 tokens remain unchanged.
  • In the case of automated procedures using the V1 token update your scripts and automated procedures.

Requesting an admin change

To begin the replacement process, an email must be sent from the email account of the current admin. 

What if the admin has left your company? Ask your IT team to enable you to send an email from the former admin's email account. 

Preparing an email request

Complete the email fields as noted in the table and use the sample email as a reference.

Field Content
Subject Request to change the account admin - [your entity name]
Message Name and role (title) of the replacement admin 

Use this example as an email template:


Following up on a change request

Send the email and wait for notification of the change.

  • If you use Pull API, Master API, or GDPR tokens then it is necessary to get a replacement API token.
    • Go to your email address dropdown and select API tokens.
    • Read about the API tokens page.
  • If the original admin is now a team member, create a new account for them by adding a team member.
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