Changing the account admin


People move on in life, and sometimes even the AppsFlyer account admin in your organization may change. 

Accounts in AppsFlyer have an account admin, also referred to as the Admin, to perform actions like adding new team members, changing app settings, and accessing the payments page.

The differences between team members and account admins are detailed here

A replacement account admin must be designated before the departure of the current account admin. As the account admin has access to some delicate matters, as such, changing the account admin needs to be ratified by AppsFlyer.

To change the account admin:

  1. Send an email from the current account admin's email to your AppsFlyer CSM.
    If this account admin is no longer with your company, request your IT team to enable access to send the email.
  2. If your account doesn't have an assigned customer success manager, write to (NOT to
  3. State in the email subject "Request to change account admin" and add the name of your company.
  4. Clearly state in the email:
    • The new account admin's email address (should be CCed to the email).
    • The company role of the new account admin.change_account_owner_email.png
  5. For security reasons, the API token, used with Pull API and Master API, changes with the account admin. This is true for both advertiser or agency accounts. The new token can be found in the API Tokens page, click your email > API Tokens.

After the change

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