Partners appending Google Play Referrer on S2S clicks


In AppsFlyer the Google Play referrer is one of the common attribution methods used for Android apps in the Google Play Store.

Usually, when AppsFlyer receives a click and redirects the user to the store, AppsFlyer appends a unique ID (the referrer) to the link sent to the store and then receives that ID back from Google Play and uses it for matching purposes.

In cases where a partner redirects the user to the store, the partner can append the referrer to the link they sent to the store and also on the S2S click that is sent to AppsFlyer. This allows AppsFlyer to use the referrer as the attribution method on S2S clicks.

The ID (referrer) generated by the partner MUST be unique and should follow these guidelines:

1. The prefix should be name of the partner

2. Unique transaction ID per impression/click

Example: NetworkA_1234567


The store URL should contain the transaction ID under the referrer parameter.



On the click URL the following parameters should be added:






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